Gatherings? Events? We handle it all.

Meet Airis, your new co-host

Event planning just became easy.
Airis, your new co-host, can fully organize your next social event, from start-to-end, with zero hassle.
Just have a chat with Airis!

📩 invites 🗯️ coordination
🥖 groceries 📸 photo-sharing
🍕 food 💰 cost-splitting
🚕 ride 📆 calendar sync

You chill, we go shopping

Just tell Airis what you fancy doing, and it'll handle everything from there 👍!
Our friends at Beelivery handle the delivery* (but you will pay the same price as if you went to the supermarket yourself!).

In under a minute, you can make plans to…

💃 host a party 🍕 devour pizza
⚽ watch sports 🌮 make tacos
🍿 netflix&chill 📚 group study
🍔 plan a BBQ 🍹 mix cocktails
🍷 share wine 🛋️ and more!

*London only 🇬🇧

Communities, ticketing, easy!

Loop is all about community. With the help of Airis, we provide you with a better, faster and significantly cheaper way to organize your gatherings.
You can even use the money from sold tickets to order snacks and drinks for the event 😱!

Conferences? Recurring events? Member initiated unofficial gatherings? We do it all.

Your friends don't need the app

Anyone can join a Loop event through our web-invites.
But it'll make your friends' lives easier + you get rewards for referring them to the app 🤷.

Active rewards*:
🍾 3 friends = free bottle of bubbly
🍕 10 friends = free pizza night
🎉 20 friends = free houseparty 🙀

*Click here for more info

Try it for yourself

Thanks for messaging us!

We'll be in touch very soon!